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I.S.Designリヤウィング GT-09 デザイン確定・軽量化検討 2009/07/18(Sat) 19:01:50
718 GT09 1 .jpg
718 GT09 2 .jpg
718 GT09 3 .jpg
718 GT09 4 .jpg
718 GT09 5 .jpg

I.S.Designリヤウィング GT-09のデザインがほぼ確定しました。1号車の車幅は三次元測定器で精密計測すると1795mmあるのですが、陸事で計測して記載された数値は1780mm。15mmは法的に許容誤差範囲内と言うことで再度計測して記載変更するのが難しいと言う残念な事実が判明したため、全幅1780mmを基準にウィング幅を決めました。多少であれば製造時に幅を変更できます。


・ウイング本体 1510g
・翼端 53g×2
・ガーニーフラップ 21g
・横面のフタ 35g×2
・合計 1707g


・ウイング本体 599g
・1次ステー穴あけ 214g
・接着フィルムとハニカム 378g
・横のフタ穴空け軽量化 30g×2
・翼端板 53g×2
・ガーニーフラップ 21g(10mmタイプ4PLY)
・合計 1,378g


The design for the GT-09 rear wing is almost confirmed. The width of car no.1 measured by the 3D measured in detailed has 1795mm but on the registration certificate its written 1780mm. 15mm differences are within the limit and could not be re-written on the document sadly. and so based on the 1780mm width we decided how wide the wing should be. A SLIGHT difference can be made with the width depending on the customers car, with or without a over fender etc.

The length of the center part wing is 287mm, the wing tip 230mm and the flap height of 10mm. the wing tip its self has a orthodox design but as like the ASM TSUKUBA SPECIAL 2005. And a escape path on the wing tip for the extra wind un needed to the flap due to the high mount. I actually wanted to make the path more to the rear but since it is a street car, not a race car I have decided with the design balance.

About the weight, the I.S.Design Rear Wing 08 its self(without the legs) is about 1800g and I don’t think it can be lighter than this. but for the GT-09 wing, if my calculations are correct, it should be around 1707g light weighted to the limit.

・The rear wing its self 1510g
・Wing tip 53g×2
・Gurney flap 21g
・Side surface cover 35g×2
・Total 1707g

this approximate weight using 2plate of carbon on the surface, with hanicam, 2 plate surface on the back. But to reduce weight to the target I am going to use 1plate which should be able to reduce about 200g. on the side surface to reduce weight we will open a hole. Plus another hole for the stay and should be able to weight 1378g(without the glue)

・The rear wing its self 599g
・1swt stay hole  214g
・Glue and hanicam  378g
・Side cover with hole 30g×2
・Wing tip 53g×2
・Gurney flap 21g(10mm type 4PLY)
・Total 1,378g

it will be a big weapon reducing this much weight on the blue print.



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