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最終試作品!!・・・の、一歩手前(涙) 2009/10/05(Mon) 13:42:34
105 MINI SRE 3way DSC_3107.jpg

MINI用SRE 3WAYの試作品が届いたので装着作業を行っています。本来なら「最終試作」と言いたいところでしたが、既に間違っている点が見つかったので、最終ではなくなってしまいました。残念。


当初5セット限定販売を予定していた3WAY Damperですが、この後もお客様の要望が3件あったため、最終的には8台になりました。内訳はR53がボクを含め7台、R56JCWが1台です。5台はロット発注で追加の3台はワンオフ料金なのですが、今回は同じ価格の中で何とか吸収できそうです。自分が欲しかった製品だから無理矢理企画したSRE 3WAY、それに共感してくれるMINIオーナーさんが6人もいらっしゃったことに感謝しないといけませんね。以上8台を持ちましてMINI用SRE 3WAYは完売とさせていただきます。ありがとうございました。

■ASM SRE Damper Kit 3WAY for MINI  1,260,000円(R53・R56・R55・R57対応) *完売しました。

The SRE 3WAY damper kit for MINI has arrived and we are installing it now. I actually wanted to say this will be the finish product but before installing it we found some few problems.

But we re-did the Bump/Low for the damper speed with the front. Solve the noise problem, changing the spring sheet shape and the position of the C shaped ring for the height adjustment. For installment and performance we have finish with the tests so it should not affect the schedule for production. The next step will be the height and the noise problem, if this goes as plan it will be finally complete. There is one MINI owner who is looking forward with the finished product so I will have to finish it as soon as possible.

In the beginning I was planning to sell five sets of the 3way Damper but I had three stronger requests of order and end up with eight sets. In the end there will be seven R53, including mine, one set for R56JCW. Five was ordered but lot but the extra three sets will be one off price but it might be able to fit within the same price range. In the beginning I was planning to make just for my personal use but I must thank these seven other people who could appreciate the value of the SRE 3way like I do. With this in mind the SRE 3way damper kit is sold out. Thank you very much.

■ASM SRE Damper Kit 3WAY for MINI  1,260,000 Yen(for R53・R56・R55・R57)SOLD OUT


ASM SRE Damper Kit 3way
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