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文:金山 新一郎

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Sと一緒に鎌倉で過ごす休日 2009/11/11(Wed) 14:12:09
1110 kamakura1 DSC_7926.jpg
1110 kamakura2 DSC_7961.jpg
1110 kamakura3 DSC_7924.jpg

S2000に乗って鎌倉に行ってきました。首都高湾岸線〜横横道路〜朝比奈峠〜鎌倉市街〜R134〜R1〜横浜新道〜第三京浜ルートで、天気がいいからもちろんずっとオープンです。適度な音量と綺麗な音質のI.S.DesignサイレンサーキットもHYPERCO+SRE 3WAYの乗り味も、相変わらず好印象です。路面がいい横横道路は当然として、朝比奈峠の波状路面でも車の余計な揺れを受け流して車体を安定させてくれるサスペンションでした。

SA神戸イベントでG.T WORKS寺崎源さんが乗ってくれたのですが、運転のしやすさに改めて感動してくれたほどのスポーツ性能と、快適にドライブできるコンフォート性能を併せ持った仕上がりなので、幅広い用途に自信を持ってお薦めできます。

I went for a drive to Kamakura with the S2000 today. The weather was just nice and enjoyed the drive with the top down. With the just nice volume and the clear sound which the I.S.Design Silencer makes was a good feeling as always. You wouldn’t feel tired with the sound no matter how long you drive in it. A face of a sports car but as a open top car and to enjoy the S2000 slowly it has two sides. Not only looking at the price, I would like as much S2000 owner to experience this.

The HYPERCO with SRE 3WAY was as usual it was great. Even though the road surface was good and makes you feel like you can go through any where with absolute stability. Even on a bad surface the damper will reduce any unnecessary movement and stabilize the car. The other day at Kobe we had a event Terazaki Gen-san from G.T WORKS drove it and was re-surprised again with its sports performance and how much comfort it has which can be use at all kinds and many stages.

1110 kamakura4 DSC_7993.jpg
1110 kamakura5 DSC_7985.jpg


Driving a S2000 such like this, with the top down went for a slow drive in Kamakura. Took some photos of temples, have tea, just listening to the wave at the beach, driving through R134 like today, brining car no.1 and 2 to the track, drive to Hakone with customer with car no.3 has a different feeling. I enjoyed the slow moving day and felt re-freshen. Making a car which especially for a time attack car no.2, a racing car which can be driven on the street car no.1. It’s like a toy. Enjoy the wind with a certain sports performance with car no.3. all of them has its fun in each and every one of them.

1110 kamakura7 DSC_8064.jpg



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