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文:金山 新一郎

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Suzuka de I heart Honda. 2010/02/20(Sat) 20:24:02
100220 suzuka1 IMG_8095.jpg

鈴鹿サーキットで開催されたI Heart Hondaに参加してきました。半年振りの2号車、2年ぶりの鈴鹿と言うことでぶっつけ本番の走行ですが、DVDホットバージョンの収録が主な目的なので問題なし。ドライバーはいつもの加藤寛規選手です。

100220 suzuka2 IMG_8363.jpg
100220 suzuka3 IMG_8785.jpg
100220 suzuka4 IMG_8340.jpg


その後の走行枠の中で数ラップ確認走行をして、あちこちで車に詰まりながらも2分14秒台、クリアなら2分12秒台には確実に入るようになった状態で3LAPバトルに入りました。エントリーしているのは全部で4台。Sタイヤ装着でV6ターボエンジンを縦置き搭載したエスプリNSX、スリックタイヤを履いた5ZIGEN S耐NSX、同じくスリックタイヤを履いたTRACY SPORTS S耐NSX、Sタイヤ装着のASM筑波スペシャル2008です。

100220 suzuka5 IMG_8391.jpg


100220 suzuka6 IMG_8298.jpg


チーフエンジニア:市川さん(SUCCEED SPORTS)
エンジン:矢野さん(TODA RACING)

We went to Suzuka to enter I Heart Honda. It’s been half a year with car no.2 and it’s been two years when we last drove car no.2 at Suzuka. The main thing for us was the DVD shoot for Hot Version. The driver is our usual Katoh Hiroki. Even thought its going to be without any rehearsal, there shouldn’t be any problem.

That is what I thought at the beginning. I was surprise after I check the time schedule. We only had one session in the morning for test run which only had 13min. Katoh was already at Suzuka doing the GT joint test for the past three days with Shiden, this past one year we mostly did the test with car no.1 at Fuji and Tsukuba so Katoh needed time to get used to the car. Under these circumstances, after the out lap we had to do a time attack on the third or fourth lap which the time was 2min15sec, 4sec slow then our best. He couldn’t get the feeling of the car back in time.

Within that few laps we could only do the test check run, getting stuck behind many other cars. If we had a clear lap, I am sure the car will run at 2min12sec. And so the 3lap battle started. 4cars in total entered the battle. ESPRIT NSX which has a V6 turbo charged longitudinal engine with an S-tire, the 5ZIGEN S-Tai NSX which has the slick tires, TRACY SPORTS S-Tai NSX which also wears an slick tire and our ASM Tsukuba Special 2008 with s-tire.

But this three lap battle was a total mess… one car ran out of gas, one had engine trouble, the gap was too much that it wasn’t really a battle. In the final lap it was our car with Katoh Hiroki just cruising back by him self. He was a bit worried that no body was behind him that he slow downed but ended finishing by him self. We had the opportunity having the whole track to our selves and could at least try a full time attack. Next time maybe we will have a transmitter on the car. We could have gone faster then our time record of 2min11, 753 sec. So, the 3LAP battle might go to the bin, unfortunately.

One thing I was happy to hear was Tsuchiya mad a comment about our S2000 and was surprise with how fast the car was and how the car turns at full speed. At the last battle at Tsukuba we couldn’t really show our cars performance against these high powered cars but at Suzuka this time we manage to pull away from these cars which has more than doubled the power then ours at the first section with the corners. Chasing these high powered cars with a light weight, massive down force, high speed cornering and by braking performance. These is what the ultimate S2000 should be and I manage to show this today and so I am very satisfied.

Driver: Katoh Hiroki
Chief Engineer: Ichikawa-san (SUCCEED SPORTS)
Chief Mechanic: Hata-san
Mechanic: Shibata-san(PROKIDAI) Ooki(ASM)
Engine: Yano-san (TODA RACING)
Photos: Kurumisawa Arata-san


I heart Honda!!2009薫風

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