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文:金山 新一郎

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2010年1月 1号車富士テスト 2010/02/08(Mon) 20:00:30
208 s1 DSC_6764.jpg
208 s2 DSC_6970.jpg
208 s3 DSC_6765.jpg
208 s4 DSC_7430.jpg
208 s5 DSC_7112.jpg
208 s6 DSC_6977.jpg
208 s7 DSC_7003.jpg
208 s8 DSC_7029.jpg
208 s9 DSC_7035.jpg
208 s10 DSC_7043.jpg
208 s11 DSC_7107.jpg
208 s12 DSC_7447.jpg
208 s13 DSC_7242.jpg
208 s14 DSC_7343.jpg
208 s15 DSC_7400.jpg
208 s16 DSC_7476.jpg

1号車のテストでFSWに行ってきました。筑波スーパーバトル前の12月初旬に富士でテストした時は1分57秒2だったので、そこからどれぐらいのタイムアップができるのかに興味は集中していました。筑波からの主な変更点は触媒のストレート化、ダッシュボードを含むフロントセクションの軽量化です。タイヤはタイムアタックで使用したPOTENZA RE-11をそのまま使用しています。



また、今後1号車をさらに進化させるために色々な空力強化パーツを企画中で、その方向性が正しいのかどうかを相談するために、S-GT300紫電のチーフエンジニアとチーフメカニックを担当しているムーンクラフトの2人に遊びに来ていただきました。筑波の時点で既にフロント周りには色々な追加パーツを装着していたのですが、今後いただいた情報を基に1号車にさらに改良を加え、テスト結果が出ればそれを製品化に繋げたいと思います。1号車はこれで今シーズンの走行を終了します。その代わり、2月20日(土)、Spoonさん主催で開催されるI heart HONDAに2号車を持ち込んでタイムアタックすることになりました。縦置きV6ターボ、S耐車両、ターボなど激速NSXばかりがエントリーする中、1台だけNAエンジンのS2000で走りますので応援して下さい。

We did the test for our ASM S2000 car no.1 at Fuji Speed Way. When we did the test in December, we did the time of 1min57.2sec and we were excited how much we can do with this test. The difference we have made is removing the sports catalyser and install a straight pipe, reducing the front section of the car by changing the dash board to carbon and other small places. For the tires we used the POTENZA RE-11 which we used at the time attack.

On the first run at the 100R there was a little happening which the car stop but it wasn’t a big problem and started our menu from the second run. When you have a car in a level of our car no.1, its not about making the car faster but to adjust the car depending on the track condition. We manage to get our best time on the final lap on our 3rd run. The only things we adjusted since we arrived on the track was changing the camber for the front, lowering the car by one turn, two clicks harder for the rear BUMP damper and some other small things. We did do many other tests but from the results, it didn’t make much difference.

The best time we have is 1min55.804sec. Compared from the last test we have improved by 1.5sec. Every time we do the test at Fuji there are always difficulties with the condition like strong wind, oil spread on the track surface etc. But yesterday the condition was very good and probably the condition helped us improve the time by 0.5sec. I am very satisfied that in one month we manage to go faster by 1sec. Even on the straight, it has a speed which no other S2000 has, it was keeping up with cars like Porches and Ferrari’s with slick tires beside the home straight and 300R. I think they will be surprised if they found out that our car is running on radial tires.

We are also thinking new body parts for improving the aero dynamics for our car no.1. I had the guys from moon craft chief engineer and chief mechanic from the S-GT300 SHIDEN to discuss about this. at Tsukuba we already had a few small parts added to the front but after the info they have given, we will make more changes to car no.1 and after we test this and if it shows any results we will put it in to production. This will be the last run for car no.1 this season but in February 20th we will attend the Spoon organized I Heart HONDA with our Tsukuba Special Car No.2. We will be going against 4LV8 engines, S-TAI Cars, turbo charged cars and a very fast NSX and the only one to be entering with a NA engine with the S2000.


I heart Honda!!2009薫風
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